12 Years in the Making

Hi Frank,

Here’s a little Doggett/Scully fun to liven up your Sunday. Nearly twelve years ago I set out on making a fansite for the John Doggett and the potential Doggett/Scully relationship (DSR). The site has gone through a handful of name changes in those twelve years: Addicted To Doggett, The Love Shack, and We Shall Not Forget being the ones that held titles the longest. A couple years back I renamed the website Semper Fi, and that is the title that sticks today. I maintain this website to keep online a place where fans of John Doggett and the Doggett/Scully relationship can come to remember the two seasons in which John Doggett breathed fresh air back into The X-Files, when it was exciting to see Dana Scully interacting with someone as by-the-book and skeptical as she had been in the beginning of her journey on The X-Files. It took me twelve years to decide to purchase a domain fitting to one of the main reasons why I’m still invested in discussing The X-Files with other fans: www.doggettscully.com. I set out twelve years ago to make the ultimate John Doggett and Doggett/Scully fansite, and I wanted to share the Doggett and DSR love with you, too. There may not be another X-Files anything with John Doggett in the future (and I’m ok with that, and content to just have two seasons of Doggett and DS/UST), but he lives on in the hearts and minds of his fans. Enjoy the site, Frank, and know that there are plenty of fans of John Doggett and the DSR out there in a fandom that has most of its attention focused on two other characters and their relationship.


San Antonio, TX