A love letter for Scully

Hey Frank,

Please check out this blog, it has a new piece that’s dedicated to Scully.

I would like you and any phile out there to just read it. I think it’s really speaks for itself. It was written while celebrating 19 years for our favorite show.

Since you are one of the responsible for this fabulous character, I thought it would be just perfect if you read it too. Isn’t it? Enjoy!

P.S. This piece really makes me miss Scully even more, If that’s even possible.



Dear Dana Katherine Scully,

I have been following your adventures on the small screen (and later on the big screen, yihaa!) since the age of 12. And my infatuation with you has not decreased a bit. You do know how special you are, don’t you? And I don’t mean the dragging out of your miraculous pregnancy in seasons 8 and 9. I do mean you – simply you. Growing up having a female main character like you on a highly smart and entertaining TV show is more than just a real treat. A strong and complex woman like you is still rare. Unfortunately.

But there you were. And still are for millions of fans around the world. A tiny, fragile looking redhead successfully finding her way in a male-dominated world. An intelligent and educated woman, a scientist. Putting on your scrubs again and again, slicing and dicing. Doing an autopsy without flinching while the victim’s stomach content is making you hungry? Badass. Mh, mushrooms. Pizza. That sounds really good.

And you have always fought against the odds: abduction, cancer, becoming barren, losing the ones you love. Yet there you are, keeping your head to the sky. Fighting against those who wish you would fail. Alongside your partner, companion and eventually lover. Mulder. Without being the eternal damsel in distress. Of course, encountering monsters, mutants and murderers does mean having your life endangered every now and then. But for all the times Mulder saved your life, you saved his. Even if it means having to shoot him. Well, someone has to save this man from himself. Just considering how often he loses his gun.

Then there is your intellect. I love how you hold your own, always speaking up, always having that one eyebrow rise up. Telling weasel colleagues you’re a gun ready to go off. So much said with just one look, Ms Queen of the Eyebrow and Single Teardrop. The eternal skeptic, the rational one. Asking for hard proof. Refusing to believe something just because you are told to. Yet struggling when it comes to your own faith. Complex and contradictory. Hence believable and someone to relate to.

I am in love with your dry comments. Mulder and you perfected those. Don’t mess with Scully-Fu. Or she’ll go all “Pick up that phone and make it happen” on you. Even if your hair is a little too red. What makes your relationship with Mulder extra special, is your intellectual banter. Damn impressive, that back and forth. I never get tired of it. 

So much for less than exuberant. So, uh, yeah, what I am simply trying to say is: You kick ass. Hoo, boy.

Yours sincerely,

a phile in awe