Bring Him Back


With the buzz that is surrounding Lance Henriksen’s recent comments about a Millennium movie during the TRON UPRISING press junket, we here at Back to Frank Black have been in overdrive working to get the word out to even more people. Lance’s comments have sparked interest in not only the fans of the show, but also sparked interests in websites and blogs across the world. An example of this is award winning writer John Kenneth Muir. He has been a long-time supporter of our campaign and has also submitted a piece that will be in our upcoming book. He just recently wrote an article about why Fox needs to bring back Frank Black. He gives very valid and compelling reasons why there should be a Millennium film in theatres soon!

We hope that all the 1013 fandom help get behind our campaign and let Fox know that this is the perfect time for a Millennium film! You can read John’s article here.


Project Co-Director/Podcast Host-Editor/Media Promotions