Captivating Music of “Hunted”

Hello Frank!!!

I can only assume you are extremely happy and well due to the huge success of Hunted! Gotta say Frank, this project is so intense, sometimes all is left to say is “stop episode!! back off a minute! lemme breathe!!” I like the cinematography very very much! Kinda reminds me of BBC’s Wallander, with contrating coloring in one scene, and then downright gray-blue in the other. Visually it is excellent. Now, such an elaborate dialogue and really contrasting scenes, the music composition for the score must have been one huge task! So, my question is, who is the music composer for the show? The music is really intense and yet subtle when it needs, and it carries the “sentiment” of the scene really really well. If I didn`t know better, this is a more strings-ized Mark Snow hahahahhaha! And on the same page, is the soundtrack coming out when the season ends?

Congratulations and cheers!

(I still make “Don’t Give Up”s drinks in your honor!!)



I’m so glad you’re enjoying the show, Joselyn, and the score, which is by the amazingly talented Ruth Barrett. There are no plans to release a soundtrack just yet, but I’ll let you know if that changes. Have a “Don’t Give Up” for me!