“X-Files” Question(s)

Hey there Frank! My name’s Clay, just recently getting into the series (currently on S6E9), and it’s without a doubt grabbed me like no other series have, never have I been so emotionally invested in a TV show, so first of all I’d like to thank you for that.

Onto my question. what did you like writing better, Myth-arcs or MOTW’s, and, do you remember any scrapped scripts/ideas that you would’ve liked to see been made? It seems like I’m in the minority in enjoying Mytharc episodes more. Sure, they’re not as fun/campy, but prior to watching The X-Files, those were how I imagined the episodes would be and they’ve surpassed my preconceptions tenfold… Also, I’m sure you’ve gotten a million questions about it, but… Anything on XF3? Gillian said she’s got no doubt that Chris is mustering something up, just wondering if you had any info (that you could share, at least) on it.

Thanks for writing some of the most clever, emotional, and on occasion, hilarious (looking at Dreamland) episodes of any TV show I’ve ever seen.

Thanks so much, Clay, and it’s always great to hear about someone only now coming to the show (and liking it!).

I enjoyed both the “mythology” episodes and the stand-alones, but was especially grateful to have the chance to switch between the two. The stand-alones were like short stories, which I find a really appealing form, while the mythology gave us a chance to dip deeper into the emotional lives of the characters and the larger themes of the series. I can’t imagine The X-Files without them.

There were a few scrapped ideas for episodes, but I’ve forgotten most of them, to be honest. We tried many times to crack a story about a man who had died and come back to life, but never got it right. And I know Morgan and Wong had an idea about a ghost in Lincoln’s bedroom, but left the show before they wrote it. I always wanted to know what that would have been.

No news about XF3, but as longtime visitors to this website already know, Don’t Give Up!

“Transporter: The Series” continues


My name is Alessandra and I live in Milan.

I’m a fan of Transporter and especially of Chris Vance! ;-) who, in my opinion,  should star in a new series of James Bond! :D

I hope to see soon the new series of Transporter.

When do you go to Prague? And you’ll be shooting scenes in France?

I wish you a good continuation and good job!

Thank You!


We’re shooting very little in France this time around. We just wrapped in Morocco, and are heading to Prague now. I’ll post more news and photos on the website and via Twitter when I can.

John Doggett

What is the likelihood that fans will see John Doggett again in a third movie? I’m feeling “John Doggett deprived” as of late. I need a fix (and rewatching Seasons 8 and 9 isn’t getting the job done anymore, and neither was reading his very short appearance in the Season 10 comic books). I would love to see Doggett again in XF3 (and not in a supporting role like Skinner was in IWTB, Doggett must be a full-blown main character). I love Doggett. I need to see Robert Patrick play this guy again. It’s driving me nuts! LOL


SCULLY: But they’ve got you to thank. And not just for saving their butts.

DOGGETT: No. You figured it out. I was just your eyes and ears.

Sorry, Angelica, I can’t say anything. Except I love John Doggett (and Robert Patrick), too.

What About “Transporter: The Series?”

Dear sir,

I follow you on Twitter and you gave us this address in case we have questions.

Well, what about the second season of “Transporter: The Series?” I know that they were in Morocco. Do you know when they shoot in Prague and in Canada? And mainly what about Chris Vance? We don’t read anymore about him. It’s really weird and frustrating for those who want to follow him.

Thank you very much if you could reply to me, especially about Chris.

I would appreciate it.

Best regards,


Cathy, we are indeed shooting in Morocco (you may have seen my turban photos on Twitter a while back) and it has been spectacular. We are finishing our third episode, then move on to Prague in a few weeks, and finally to Toronto in the summer. Chris is looking good and having a ball. I’m trying to persuade him to open a Twitter feed, so stay tuned!

My Constant, My Touchstone

Hi Frank,

I wanted to share some pretty special photos with the X-Philes community, and thought that the Big Light Blog was the best place to do that.

Recently, I traveled to Canada to celebrate a very special time in my life with family and friends, where I married my constant and my touchstone of almost 10 years. Nearly all of our guests had not traveled to Canada before, and it was really special to be able to take them to some of my favourite places around Vancouver, including of course a place that is considered a “must visit” site for X-Files fans.

I spent my bachelorette day with my close girls that traveled from near and far, exploring the geeky side of Vancouver… including reading comics at Scully’s apartment and taking a ride up “Skyland Mountain.”

My husband and I also posed for some pretty special wedding photos outside 1419 Pendrell as well.

There was no way that I was going to be getting married that close to the location and not having some photos taken there. I don’t know if any other couples have done this, but I’ve never seen it done before!

With warm wishes from Australia,


Fantastic, Sandi! Thanks so much for sharing these and congratulations!

comic at scullys[1]

wedding scully's apartment[1]

“XF3″ Letter-Writing Campaign

hi frank,

i just want to let you know about our xf3 letter campaign to fox.

yes, the letter still exists and it is still on its way around the world to all the wonderful philes!

so far it has been in 8 countries (it is in russia actually) and through the hands of 44 philes, who made their signatures on the list, who made photos, which you can see on our page on facebook and who are sending it to the next phile on the list.

i sent the letter in march and there have been lots of delays because of lazy post-offices, strikes or illness of philes and there have been times, when i thought, the letter was gone or when i couldn’t get in contact to a phile… but i never gave up! and there has been always the one special day, after waiting for a response from the phile for weeks, when i receive a mail or pm, that the letter arrived! this shows me never to give up hope in general and never give up hope on xf3!

and this is my personal message to all the philes i got in contact to so far because just of this project:

you all are wonderful! i found a lot of good friends and besides of the letter, with some of you we also shared private things. a big thanks to all of you for your participation and communication and efforts to make the letter-campaign continue!

it is a great experience to see, how philes around the world are working together to make our wish of xf3 come true!

even if this tooks much longer, as i thought in march!

have all (and frank too) a merry christmas and a happy new year and let’s hope that the letter will be finished in 2014!

all my best wishes to all of you!



Back in Rome!

Dear Frank,

It’s about two months since our meeting in Rome (I’m still speechless about everything that happened there, by the way) but eventually I was able to cover the complete event for all the international philes too.

You can find the video of your talk at the Rome Fiction Fest at this page and the Award ceremony here.

Last, but not the least, in this post on our website there is the complete transcript of that wonderful and magical conversation we had before your official appointments with the Fiction Fest.

Speaking about our conversation, and specifically about the “Lincoln’s bedroom” thing, I found this on Wikipedia. Look at the “Season 4″ section. Is this what you were talking about?

That day in Rome was perfect and I really have to thank *YOU* for making everything possible. Now that you’re an Italian citizen I really hope we could have more days like that.

During the talk I asked you which was the best moment you had on The X-Files. Then, I thought “What could be mine?”, as an X-Files fan of course. Even though I’m really tempted to choose that day in Rome… I think my favourite moment will be the one when I’ll receive an email from you with just these words: “We have the greenlight.”


PS: By the way, I have a whole new page filled with other questions just waiting for you! :D


A Wedding and a Thank You

Hi Frank,

Two of my dearest friends, Dayna Loder and Leah Perkins, will be married in Seattle today. While Dayna insists the October 13 date was coincidental to securing the Pacific Science Center as a venue, everyone in attendance knows the X-Files date reference was both fortunate, and completely intentional.

These gloriously nerdy women have been a light in my life from the day I met them. In the case of Dayna, that was a little over 5 years ago, in a mexican restaurant in Encino, California, where 20 or X-Files fans, who’d all joined your Big Light social network, had decided to meet before the LA Film fest. From that day forward, I cannot imagine a life that did not include Dayna as my friend. A few years later, during a brief stay in Seattle, on her way to visit me in Vancouver, Dayna met Leah. It proved to be one of those instantaneous and sickeningly adorable matches.

They will celebrate their marriage in spectacular fashion, with nerd themed costumes, surrounded by family, friends, philes, and rumours of a few dozen local Star Wars fan club storm troopers. They’ve never been a conventional couple, and I would expect nothing less.

I wanted to say thank you, because if it were not for the addition of your Big Light social network, I never would have met either of these brilliant women (not to mention Erica, Carlotta, Liz, Angie, Rochelle, Karen, and dozens of others, many of whom will also be at the wedding). We so often forget the origins of how a friendship came to be, and lose sight of how little decisions we make may ultimately have powerful results. However unwittingly, you helped introduce me to the finest people I know. Thank you.


Mya B

What a wonderful story — thanks for sharing it, Mya. Huge congratulations, Dayna and Leah!! 



If Mulder had never returned from the dead, and if The X-Files had continued on for more seasons, and if Gillian had been on board for more seasons, do you think that the writers would have eventually explored a romantic relationship between Doggett and Scully? I think the basis for that relationship was secured in the final seasons (even with the addition of Reyes’s attraction to Doggett). I’m a Mulder/Scully fan, but I do enjoy the possibilities that were apparent between Doggett and Scully, and I’d like to think that if Mulder had never returned and was truly, factually dead, that Scully would have found love and happiness with Doggett.


There’s a lot of “ifs” in there, and one never knows, but I tend to doubt it, Angelica. Any Twitter fans reading this, please feel free to weigh in!

Great Visual Storytelling

Dear Frank,

When I was searching for an animated gif of the basement scene in David Duchovny’s “The Unnatural,” where Scully says “Have you ever entertained the idea of trying to find life on this planet?” I instead found this lovely picspam post on livejournal.

It combines images and quotes of The X-Files‘ Season 6.

Why am I sending it to you? Because the other day I read this interview Chris gave, wherein he points out, that “The X-Files from the beginning was a very visual show.” I think that the online fan community and posts like the one I am forwarding to you here, sort of present to us those elements, that made The X-Files so successful.

Take this Season 6 picspam:

1) You have the cast — including David and Gillian, who brought Mulder and Scully to life in their unique ways. They added so much depth to the characters and made us forget, that these two were fictional characters as originally invented by Chris.

2) You have the ‘great visual storytelling,’ that was unique and spooky in the beginning, has inspired other filmmakers in their work and has fans screencapping, photoshopping and vidding to this day.

3) But the post also features memorable quotes of the episodes. This was always something that I liked most about the show; both the MOTW and the mythology episode were built on ideas, which you could later on discuss with friends. It was ‘about something’. More than that, it had this huge variety of drama, comedy, action … . Which is why the show could never be reduced to either the mythology nor the Monster of the Week episodes.

Of course, you do know all of that already. I merely thought, that you might enjoy browsing through these images and quotes like through an old photoalbum. :)

By the way, someone on tumblr also turned your famous “you can’t get the truth” quote into a gifset, which since has gone viral.

As always, I still hope that Chris and you might bring together a XF3 script about what was once rumoured to become the greatest “shit-storm of all time” and would ensure that the truth will come to the world, as it’s come to Mulder. I think it was that Snowden guy, who recently said “Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.”

Until then, I’ll just keep remembering ‘how that music used to make me smile,’ and thank you and all the people involved in the making of The X-Files and bringing together fans from all over the world, who feel a little less spooky and were encouraged to follow their hopes and truths.

I wish you a lovely autumn season In London and hope that your future work for Hunted might lead you to Berlin :).

Best regards,