Congratulations on “Hunted”

Hi Frank,

This is Eamon, I write for a blog called I Made This, devoted to reviewing and analysing the works of Ten Thirteen Productions and after eagerly awaiting your new series I just wanted to congratulate on how great the opening episode of Hunted was and on out-performing ITV in the ratings war.

I can honestly say that that the opening fifteen minutes was one of the best openings to any television series I have seen in years, I was honestly very gripped and I remained so for the remainder of the hour. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the remaining seven episodes and even more of Sam and also a certain Dr Goebel. How the CSM never employed this man, I’ll never know.

It’s wonderful seeing yourself, Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa and Vince Gilligan bringing your wonderful writing styles back to the airwaves, and hopefully we’ll not have to wait too long to see Chris Carter back, too.

Good luck with Hunted.

Yours sincerely,


Northern Ireland