Contract Killer Zombies

Hey Frank,

Just to show ya how much people miss The X-Files, and what an impact it has had. My 17-year-old teenager who believes in Zombies the way I believe in X-Files 3 was playing his game “Contract Killer Zombies.” When he beat a mission, a little screen popped up. This is how it read: TRUST NO ONE.

Checked the name tags of the people you rescued — a “Dr. Dane Scally” and a “Nurse Mulders.” Seems fake — wonder if her nickname is “Foxy?” Find out EXACTLY what they were up to.

My son told me because he knew what it referenced and he found it completely hilarious. Yelling, “Yo ma, check this out. You know who they’re talking about!” I told him yes I do, gotta tell Uncle Frank. He’ll love it, cause we did have some zombies in X-Files.

Believing in 3,


P.S. Thought you’d appreciate that. I certainly did! Viva Las X-Files.