Excited in Canada

Dear Mr. Spotnitz,

I’m very excited about your new show. Unfortunately, due to my not getting any of these channels on my Canadian cable package, I won’t be able to watch your show in real time. However, I’ll definitely buy the DVD set when it comes out. I’d love to see how you tackle the very frightening world of private contractors like Black Water/Xe; more people need to be wary about this stuff. I’ve checked out some other shows you mentioned in your interview a year ago, including Luther and The Hour, based simply on your say so, and I really enjoyed them on DVD. I’m sure your show will be better, though!

I wish you the absolute best of luck!


Cornwall, Ontario


Thanks for the good wishes, Iqbal.  Hunted will be broadcast on HBO Canada. If you don’t subscribe, I hope you can watch with a friend who does!