Gillian and David

Dear Frank,

Two years ago, I wrote you to exult in what I said was the inevitable arrival of The X-Files 3 because of the existence of numerous spinoff media possibilities. I still believe what I said: The X-Files might very well get the finale it deserves–somewhere. Just look at what Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which ironically rode on the coattails of The X-Files to get its original TV launch, has been able to achieve in the comics medium (to name one alternative venue).

However, it is getting to be time for fans to accept that even if the story of The X-Files does get wrapped up, Gillian and David may not be a part of it.

That’s why I am taking just a minute to write you and mention that as X-Files fans, our support for these two superb actors (and fine people)–and indeed everyone involved in the show and the films–is undimmed. We’ll continue to follow and support Gillian and David’s work for years to come, regardless of whether they ever play Scully and Mulder again. We will applaud their impressive craft every time we see them in a project. And while we won’t expect these busy folks to follow the continuing adventures of their characters, we will certainly remember their wonderful contributions to The X-Files when we discover how Scully and Mulder defeat the nefarious Colonists.

Even if the confrontation plays out only in our imaginations…



San Francisco