“Hunted” Questions

Hi Frank.

I am very excited about Hunted and can’t wait for it to screen. Is it a much harder show to make than TXF¬†or are they pretty similar? Do you plot out the future to a big extent or do you plan to just take things as it comes? Some times it felt like TXF was pretty random in lots of ways. Have you plotted out the future over multiple seasons or are you concentrating on just Season 1 and seeing how it goes?

Will your main character played by Melissa George be portraying an Australian or a Brit or something else? What accent can we expect to hear? Weird question for sure but I just want to know!

About DFowley: most people I know figured she was one of you guys at Ten Thirteen Productions and if she wasn’t she ought to have been! Now it looks like she wasn’t which makes me ask WHY NOT? Was it because she only did funny stuff? If that is the reason you could have saved the world from the crap Hollywood calls comedy by hooking her up with a spot because if DF is not a working writer all I can say is what a tragic waste of talent!

Anyhoo it is great to see you back in the saddle where you belong and I hope you can find a spare horse for DF!



Thanks for all the interest, Dylan. I can’t say much just yet, but I look forward to answering all your questions as we get closer to the air date. As for DFowley, I trust s/he is reading…!