Is Scully Immortal?


Ciao Frank!

I was thinking about a bunch of XF episodes and I’d like to hear your opinion about this:

Is Scully immortal?

OK, I’m not nuts!! Let me explain it!

In Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, we can hear a conversation between Scully and Mr. Bruckman:

CLYDE BRUCKMAN: Still, you’re not the least bit curious?

SCULLY: That must be Mulder. Time for the midnight shift… All right. So how do I die?


Further on, in 6×09 Tithonus, Mr. Fellig tells Scully he became immortal because someone took his place in death’s plans… this is what happened to Scully at the end of the episode, when Fellig dies.

FELLIG: Do you see him? Do you see him? Don’t look. Close your eyes.

Late in the episode, there’s this cross talk between Mulder and Scully:

MULDER: Coroner’s report came back on Fellig. Says he died of a single gunshot wound. That’s all it said.Well, I, uh… talked to your doctor and… he says you’re doing great. You’re making the fastest recovery he’s ever seen.

SCULLY: Yeah, Mulder, I don’t even know how I entertained the thought. People don’t live forever.

MULDER: No, no, I-I… I think he would have. I-I just think that … that death only looks for you… once you seek its opposite.

Frank, I know that you didn’t write these two episodes, Darin Morgan (a God) and Vince Gilligan (a Legend) did it, but I thought you’d find this interesting! I just wanted to distract you from all the XF3 mails that you are receiving!! 😀

P.S. I saw Milagro again… it’s fantastic, congratulations, really.



You’re not nuts.  She is!