Is There Really Hope?

Hello Frank,

I’ve been a Phile since The X-Files initially aired, what seems a lifetime ago.

My question, my hope here today is that there really is hope that we will see closure on The X-Files. When I say closure, I mean of course that Mulder and Scully with help from whom ever will save the world; from the coming alien invasion. Now we all know the secrecy behind the original broadcast show. To preserve the integrity of the show. But I ask… is there really hope?

I listen to the commentary’s on my DVDs, and the one that sticks out to me is the FBI extra who walks behind Mulder and Scully in IWTB. It is clearly said that she plays a pivotal role in X-Files 3. To me that says the script has been written and cast.

That filming would start as soon as a green light is given. Now The X-Files has been known to acknowledge the fans (ie..Leyla Harrison.) But I ask… is there really hope?

Is there really hope that we will see a third movie in this fandom? Will there really be that final battle? Will we hear Mulder cry out “Scully, I really need you with me on this one!”

Will we hear Scully or Skinner holler “Damn it Mulder!” Will it really happen?

Will we have the pleasure of seeing Mulder urinate on another Men in Black poster?

They’ve gotten their third movie and I wonder how considering from my view their second movie wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

I understood the subtle beauty behind IWTB. The whole of it was to release Mulder from hiding so that come 2012 he would be able to move freely from place to place.

So again is there really hope? As I mentioned The X-Files has always acknowledged its fan base. But, lately I hear silence. Nothing, and I mean nothing outside of the fans is being heard. Now Chris has Fencewalker premiering at the end of the year.

It does not have any sci-fi elements. So it says, No this is not an X-Files movie. We have 7 months before the coming crisis, and I wonder is there really hope?

Outside of the poor return on IWTB, (they doubled their money so I don’t see how they consider it a poor return), the only thing I have heard is a supposed quote from Kiefer Sutherland saying his movie 24 was being shelved and its The X-Files’ fault.

But I ask why, why haven’t we heard even a flat denial? We wait day after day for some response when in the end I am afraid that 20th Century is going to pass on a third film, and that we the fans that made them millions upon millions will be left out in the cold. We will not have Skinner there to hug us and try to bring warmth to our frozen limbs. But, if there really is hope as Mulder suggested in “The Truth,” I suggest you go to youtube and listen to Tools; Lateralus. The song is based on the Fibonacci something I think Scully would completly enjoy. But I’m begging you Frank tell me there is hope.

Trying not to give up, sincerely trying to believe,


There won’t be a movie this year, Beth, but there is more than hope — those of us insisting on a third movie are right; those who doubt its creative and commercial potential are simply dead wrong. Don’t give up!