“IWTB, Billy Connolly, the Lone Gunmen, Arc & A Philosophical Investigation, DFowley, Hunted”

Hi Frank,

What was it like working with Billy Connolly on “IWTB”?

How much input did he have into the role he played given Billy’s troubled history with the Catholic church and the character with regard to what would have to be very painful subject material for him personally? Did he have problems with any of it and did you have to alter his role as a result?

If you had been given a bigger budget for the second movie would you still have gone down the route of foregoing CGI and other expensive film making techniques. (The right answer here is “Yes!” )

How much behind the scenes stuff went on with Fox when it came to the Gunmen and the premature end of that series? Did you ever consider raising the profile a little by bringing in some big name guest stars (how about Billy Connolly!) or was the budget too tight?

What’s happening with Arc and A Philosophical Investigation? These are two shows I want to see. Both sound like they could be great and Arc in particular could go just about any place, the potential seems huge.

The rumor is that “DFowley” was Matt Groening of Simpsons fame. “DFowley” is one writer I would love to have seen given a shot at a Gunmen episode because it would have been a match made in writer heaven.

Please keep the Hunted updates coming because plenty of us are very interested in how it all works out.



That’s a lot of questions, Xfgirl! Billy Connolly was an absolute delight to work with on I Want to Believe. If he found the role painful or troubling in any way, he never showed it. He came to work prepared every day, always in good humor (despite the often freezing temperatures and late hours), and never gave anything less than an excellent performance. As for CGI, I share your aversion to it, but even IWTB had some and I a third X-Files film would need some VFX as well. We lobbied and fought hard to keep The Lone Gunmen on the air, and intended to ask Michael McKean to be a series regular if the show had been renewed for a second season. No news on Arc or A Philosophical Investigation — as so often happens in Hollywood, these things could linger in development for years before something happens (if it ever does). I doubt very much DFowley was Matt Groening. And as for Hunted, there will be lots more to come!