Just a couple of birthday questions!

Dear Frank,

Today is my birthday, and so I have a humble request for the answer to a question that’s been burning in our collective minds for over a decade. At the end of “Never Again,” Mulder says to Scully, “Yes, but it’s my…” What was he going to say next?

Our scientific conclusion has been that he was about to say, “Yes, but it’s Myocardium.” This is reference to the muscle making up the heart. Mulder was reminding Scully that she does in fact have vulnerable biological organs, especially the heart, and warning her that the next crazy guy who liked her would probably try to rip it out. However, Mulder was cut short by Scully’s disparaging glance, a reminder that she knows exactly what myocardium is because she is a medical doctor.

If that is NOT in fact the right answer, please correct it. Thank you!


Mary Beth

P.S. Jessa Moxed and Roi still want to know if you like Cheetos.

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that one — you’d have to ask Glen and Jim, who wrote the episode. As for whether I like Cheetos… doesn’t everyone? (Although my British friends claim Cheez Doodles are superior.) Hope you have the best of birthdays, Mary Beth.