Marvelous Start

Hello Frank!

First of all, congrats on the marvelous start of Hunted!

I caught up with watching Hunted today and I really really liked it!! The writing, the idea, the actors, the cinematographie and the music, everything was outstanding.

Finally a new TV series out there that is able to tell a different story and looks interesting.

I very much enjoyed the line “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” reminded me of the good old X-Files days ;o) Thanks for this Easter Egg ;o) I am sure all the Philes caught it.

Maybe/Hopefully bumping into you during the London Film Festival this weekend… are you going to watch Sister?

Love and *hugs* from Munich (am soooo glad that the Oktoberfest is finally over ^^)


The Ultimate Musician Phile (yep, the one who wrote her thesis on Mark Snow’s music in X-Files)