Most Far Out Show Ever!


Hey Frank,

Throughout the years, we watched Mulder and Scully fight for the Truth. They never gave up, and we’ll never give up on them. In the meantime though, we have a chance to fight for both them and The X-Files. is holding a contest for the Most Far Out Show. Not only did The X-Files raise the bar on getting out there (and being awesome), but it was also an inspiration for many of the other shows that we’re competing against.

XFN, along with X-Files Memories and Pinoy X-Philes, was selected to help represent the XF fandom in this contest. So we just wanted to drop you and all the other Philes a line to let you know that it’s time to rally the troops. We have another chance to show the strength that The X-Files and this fandom still have. Plus there’s even an awesome t-shirt prize involved.

Hopefully Fox is watching… (Just not in a creepy “Trust No 1” kind of way.)

The XFN Team