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Hi Frank.

Bluebook, the Italian magazine which is dedicated to The X-Files, can now be viewed online to reach an international audience! The English version doesn’t differ much from the Italian version. Besides being in a more universal language, it is distinguished by the participation of several X-Files sites and fan groups worldwide. Everyone has worked enthusiastically in order to fuel the passion for The X-Files, and to prove that one global, “United X-Files Fandom” is possible!

This nonprofit magazine is produced entirely by fans, whose work demonstrates that our fandom is one of the most visible and active on the Internet. Groups who participated, who deserve our thanks include: The X-FilesLexicon, X-Con Germany. X-Files Universe, Musings of An X-Phile, Expediente X, & The X-Files 3 in 2012 Facebook Page. These groups have collaborated to create the team spirit that Scully referred to at the end of the episode “Max,” when she held in her hands the Apollo 11 keychain given to her by Mulder.

We will keep the X-Files dream alive until we receive a greenlight for the third movie: XF3.

“If we give up, they win.”