Oh, Milagro…

Dear Frank,

Please allow me to bypass the lip-flap and get right to it: The “Milagro” episode is brilliant at all levels. One need not be familiar with psychology and philosophy to enjoy that episode, but the depth of skillful storytelling shines that much brighter if one is indeed privy to such things. Please, can you share how this story developed between you and John Shiban? What was the kernel of this story that planted itself and yearned for development when sitting down to hash out a new episode? I’m blown away by this episode and would be be grateful to read any comments you share about the conceptualization or development of the story. (Thanks, and I’m looking forward to my heart returning to its rightful spot within my chest after viewing “Milagro” for the upteenth time.)



Thanks, Jody. I’m pretty sure you can find out more about this by looking at the DVD commentaries, but — no surprise — this episode was actually about us, the writing staff of The X-Files. After obsessing about these characters for so many years, we realized we’d developed a deep relationship with people who didn’t exist! The power of this idea really appealed to us, and the story developed from there. It only got deeper and richer when Chris wrote the teleplay. It’s one of my favorites, too. (And the handwriting on those story cards on the wall is mine!)