The “Back to Frank Black” Book: The Time Is Near

Hi Frank,

Now we are into August, we have been eager to keep everyone up to date on the Back to Frank Black book, which is now mere weeks from publication. Our latest update does just that and also offers a few teasers regarding the content, including your very own introduction! It would be great if you could post this to your mailbag feed in order to help keep folks informed. Further updates and details on how to get the book will be made via and alongside our various social media outlets in the coming weeks. We are very proud of how Back to Frank Black is coming together; it really is an unprecedented and utterly unique volume on Millennium. We have a busy few weeks ahead to prepare for its publication and more details yet to be revealed, but we can’t wait for people to read it.

Incidentally, whilst we celebrate past successes and look to their potential futures, we of course also warmly welcome your new projects too. It was a privilege to be at the Hunted panel at London ComicCon recently and to get a sneak peek at the series, plus the trailer that recently debuted on the BBC looks absolutely electric! We can’t wait for Sam Hunter to make her dramatic debut.

Here’s to some successful launches all round in the coming weeks, and all our very best,


Co-Editor, Back to Frank Black

Associate Publisher, Fourth Horseman Press