The Real DFowley says…

…Hi Frank!

Are you and/or Chris Carter, and/or any of your other very fine colleagues familar with my work, and — far more to the point — are your attorneys familiar with my work?

Any answer you may choose to provide will have a significant bearing upon the issue of my identity and whether I decide to reveal it. 😀

Let it be known that I always regarded you and your workmates with the highest respect, and felt near limitless goodwill towards you all. Even Shiban.

This is not to say that I couldn’t or wouldn’t smite every last one of you at will and on a whim. It’s just that you guys proved that television didn’t have to be a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Special Agent Diana Fowley

Federal Bureau of Blah blah blah…

Queen Bitch Goddess of Yada yada yada…

P.S. Congratulations on the new show. It’s about f*cking time.

Ha! Thanks, DFowley. And of course we read your posts. Seeing them again after all this time brought back some pleasant memories.