“The X-Files” Humanity

Hi Frank!

I was at the LFCC last Saturday and, although I missed you Sunday, but I really couldn’t change my already-damn-booked flight to see you, it was AMAZING! I live in a country where the 99% of people doesn’t know what the hell is a “comic con,” so it was my first and I enjoyed everything about it. It was wonderful meeting again with some of the philes I met almost four years ago, always in London, for the IWTB premiere.

I attended the talk with Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea and I met them for the signings. They were amazing with the fans! By the way, during the talk Nick mentioned Kim. I think you would be happy to know there was a big applause in the room right after he said his name. It was a great moment.

Although the show finished 10 years ago, and although both of them did some other great work on tv after that, they both spoke with a great passion and fondness about TXF it was almost unbelieveable. And maybe you may think I’m a silly girl, but this thing never fails to surprise me.

I begin to think that, quoting Scully a little, there were extraordinary men and women who worked on TXF and their extraordinary “humanity” was a great part of the success the show had and still has.

I really hope to see you soon and good luck for Hunted! I can’t wait to see it.