“The X-Files” in Comic Con Chile 2012

Hi Frank:

First, how are you?? We miss you very much!! The entire group hope see you again. Finger crossed for this :)

Second, a mention: July 12th was a new anniversary of the X-Files Convention in 2008, in fact, that was the day when Chris and you met the fans in the Telefonica building. What memories!!!!

I want let you know that this past May (25, 26 and 27) we had a second edition of “Comic Con Chile” (a note: remember Francisco and Roberto? well, the guys and me are the producers of Comic Con Chile, a dream come true!). And of course, the Chilean fans of The X-Files wont missed this wonderful oportunity. The “Grupo X Files Chile” was there with an amazing stand, as you see in the photo. A perfect “alien autopsy,”and the public reaction was great, totally surprised with the dedicated work.

We hope have you here again soon, maybe in the third edition of the Comic Con Chile, in the premiere of the new movie of The X-Files!! (another dream that will come true, I’m sure)

Warm regards


P.S. If you have a Facebook account, you can see more pictures in this address.

And we have an oficial website of Comic Con Chile. Soon we will upload new photos.

Fantastic news, Rodrigo, thanks for passing that along. Those days in Chile are great memories for us, too — I know I speak for Chris when I say I hope we’ll get to see all of you again sometime soon. Congratulations!