“The X-Files” + Netflix = A chance!


I was wondering if you had heard about Netflix buying the rights to cancelled shows and plans for making new episodes for subscribers? Fox is apparently on the wagon with another show.

Please read more here and tell me how you feel about it and your thoughts on The X-Files with Netflix.

I actually just talked to the people at Netflix and he said “Oh my god that’s an amazing idea and that he too is a X-Files fan and will talk to his manager about it.” He also said “It’s the great part of working there. If we get in enough people calling Netflix will try to move forward as most of Netflix is based off of subscribers feedback!” We have to get fans, family members, and friends to make the calls! 1-866-579-7115 Open 24/7. Don’t forget to mention 12/2012 so they can add it to their notes for the request.



Donora, PA

I don’t want to encourage or discourage such a campaign. I have to say I would be surprised if Chris, David and Gillian were interested in returning to do the series, even for a limited run. But I suppose you never know.