They’ve Landed…

Hiya Frank!

Remember this? Of course you do. My e-mails are awesome! Best part of your inbox. Anyway, tonight, like the Scully-inspired science nerd that I am, I stayed up to watch the Mars Curiosity rover landing. After years of brilliant engineering and team work, the folks at NASA shot a one ton vehicle with the world’s most sophisticated scientific equipment into the Martian atmosphere, steered it through entry, deployed the strongest parachute they’ve ever made, dropped the heat shield, deployed the rover via jet propulsion, and then dropped it from a crane onto Mars. They even took some photos and sent them to Earth.

Another day at the office, right? No biggie. But wait, there’s more! This rover is even more fantastic because Mulder and Scully were aboard. As you can see by that certificate, they travelled all the way to grace Mars with their presence. If they can do that, surely Fox can green light XF3. I mean do they have any other film franchises on Mars? No. Think of the potential Martian audience. This is going to be great for promotion…


P.S. By the way, thanks so much for that Castle message lol. No more Cheetos for you lol!

P.P.S. This is so much better than “Space.” LOL what was that episode?!