Hey Frank!

I can tell what you’re thinking, “Oh no, what unanswerable question does she have for me today?” But you’re in luck! My question today is totally answerable. In fact, I think you might even enjoy it, as it has a bit of depth. Now what is this question, you ask? Well let me start with the backstory.

See, I’m pretty much a science nerd. I’m studying biology and working towards vet school, but in that process, there’s a whole lot of chemistry and physics along the way. Those are the only classes I’ve taken over the past year, and it’s been kind of mind numbing. So this semester, I was really excited to take a (very basic) film course. We sit in class and watch movies once a week. How fantastic is that?

It gets better though. I got to do my last essay on I Want to Believe. That’s right, my homework was watching The X-Files! Our final paper was going to be on a film director of our choice, but once the professor read my IWTB essay, he suggested that I do my paper on the impact of the show on American culture. And I think we all know what my answer was.

Along with some other aspects, I’m really looking into the paranoid 90’s phenomenon and how well the show played into that. Now what I was wondering, is if you had any short thoughts on that issue or on any other major ways in which The X-Files philosophically impacted American thinking.

See, no spoilers required to answer, so if you have a minute, my GPA will love you forever. Plus, my professor refers to me as “the X-Files girl,” and that’s a lot to live up to.


I love it! I would like to think that The X-Files had an impact on American television, and helped usher in an age of more complex and visually sophisticated storytelling. But… it honestly is very hard for me to assess what impact The X-Files has had on American culture — maybe especially hard for me, because I’m so close to it. Sorry, Roileigh. Guess you’d better keep the questions coming…