We Believed Four Years Ago

When XFilesNews was born in 2007, none of us had the slightest clue that being excited about I Want To Believe would lay a road this long in front of us. We didn’t even dream of meeting each other, with everyone living so distant and with so many real life things to do. We didn’t realize that along the way, the passion we felt for this fandom, the movie and the show, would make this new part of our lives, part of our real lives.

Four years ago, IWTB gave us the chance to meet each other, to share this unique moment and to realize that this wasn’t a “one shot” thing. We weren’t ready to give up back then. We are not ready to give up now.

Thank you for giving us that chance back then, and thank you for always reminding us with your own passion that the road hasn’t ended, but it’s only beginning.

Happy IWTB Anniversary from everyone at XFN!