What “The X-Files” Means to Me

Dear Mr. Spotnitz,

To refer to The X-Files simply just as a television show, in my opinion would be a gross understatement.

I mean essentially yes, it is a television show, but to someone who views it simply as that hasn’t fallen in love with it like so many others. I guess depending on who you talk to, the meaning of The X-Files can vary from person to person. To me, it is so much more than just a television show; it’s deep and profound, light and humorous, dark and serious, it can make you laugh, cry, shout at the TV and throw things across the room… and there’s always the “HOLY SHIT” reaction.

I remember watching it with my dad when I was growing up. I remember being super pissed off because I wasn’t allowed to stay up late so I could watch the Season 8 finale and find out what happened with Scully’s baby. A while back I bought all nine seasons on DVD and I am completely consumed by it. It’s a mixture of nostalgia for remembering an episode that I’d seen years ago combined with the excitement of seeing the episodes that are completely new and shiny to me. I guess what I’m getting at here is, you never have to worry about never gaining new fans just because the show ended. New x-philes are being born every day. Just take a look at tumblr… on second thought you better stay away from tumblr, it may scare you how rabid these fans are :).

It seems almost silly to think that something like a science fiction show could teach someone so much, but it has. It taught me to open my mind. It taught me to hang on to the hope that maybe, just maybe there is something out there greater than ourselves. It taught me to believe, not necessarily in ghosts, aliens, or flukemen, but that it’s better to believe in something than nothing at all. It taught me that somethings are worth fighting for until the very end, like truth, trust, and love. It showed me that the most difficult battles are not the ones we wage against an evil omnipotent enemy but the battles we fight within ourselves. That not all victories are met with praise or glorification, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less satisfying.

It was beautifully crafted and written, the romanticism of it all, the ideas that it portrayed and the philosophy behind the all consuming quest for the truth. I guess that you could say that in its most basic regards The X-Files is a love story: a love for the truth, for science, for friendship and trust. A love for mystery, hope and faith. And of course a love for each other.

So many people ask you about a third X-Files movie, and while it’s something that I would like to see (as I’m sure any phile would. If I won the lottery I would personally fund the movie myself) for me it’s not the end all. Yes, I would be sad a disappointed if the mythology arc was never put to rest but I would never get angry and shout awful obscenities to the powers that be. When I find myself getting hopeless at the prospects of a third movie I just remind myself that we have nine seasons and 2 movies! That is such a great feat in itself for a TV show! Nine years of rooting for Mulder, the eternal underdog. Nine years of watching Scully grow and question her faith and beliefs. Nine years cheering for Skinner, reluctant at first, but in the end a true hero. Nine years of laughing, crying, cheering, and staring at the screen with jaws agape.


So while I’m still holding out for a third movie, in my heart I could never be bitter about not getting it. Sometimes I think that maybe I would even be okay with it. I feel like some questions are best left to the imagination… you would know a lot about that, being a writer for the show :)

The X-Files is far more than a show, it’s a story; something you will always carry with you, something you can rediscover all over again and fall in love with it even more that you did before.

Some stories stay with you forever. I know that The X-Files will always stay with me.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania