Why can’t “XF3” be on TV?

Dear Frank,

It’s kind of sad to see people struggling with the highly likely possibility that this movie will never be made. There seems to be a painted veil of optimism that is wearing thin even with you, Frank. One writer on your blog even suggests Gillian and David may not even be part of any future productions for the show! I for one would not even contemplate watching anything made in the name of The X-Files without them, so I hope that idea gets thrown out immediately!

Anyway to my point of my e-mail; the world has changed so much since the last movie with the new digital age and the weak economy. I can see why funding would be a problem for production of any movie and the lack of DVD sales, which are now almost non-existent as we all check into Netflix and other media, would be another area where revenue can no longer be generated. Personally I wondered why the option of making a two-part special episode or mini-movie for TV has never been considered instead.

Frankly the show was at its best on TV — that is where you were all so creative and inventive and you made it look like a mini-movie every week. It must be cheaper to do this rather than creating a full-blown movie for theatre. Also the issues of funding can be covered with advertizing rather than worrying about box office numbers. I personally prefer watching The X-Files at home — it is more intimate and compelling. You were all at the top of your game when it was on TV and I don’t see any shame in finishing the show as it began- on the small screen- in HD it would be amazing! Has this idea ever been considered? It will be a great travesty if this amazing story is left untold.

Finally, if Fox is really dumb enough to let this franchise die without a conclusion on screen in any form, perhaps it could at least be put into print and maybe a book could be written with the kind of quality writing we came to expect throughout the show’s many great episodes.

Thanks to you, Chris, and all the other writers who made this such a great show over the years.


Vancouver BC

I take your argument, Pat, and I’d never say never. But while the business is changing fast, networks like Fox have not produced made-for-television movies for many years and — at least so far — seem to have no interest in making them.