Why not do it…

Mr. Frank Spotnitz:

We are only seven months off the mythical date of December 21 where the alien invasion will take place and as we all know it  would be a shame not to know that Mulder and Scully will do to save the world from this threat.

We know that you and many fans have made the best part for made a third film of the X-Files but we also know that the last word belongs to the 20th Century Fox.

If they ultimately do not want to venture to the completion of The X-Files for economic reasons why not write a book then … that would prevent the conclusion done through a good novel … imagine … the costs would do little or no in relation to $30 million it would cost to do the last movie … imagine all that could not include in this book … there would be no limitation for imagination … Mulder using their esoteric knowledge of psychology and contacts to get help from spirits, good angels and extraterrestrials to help against the invading aliens, demons supporting the invasion, the end of the conspiracy, Scully, Skinner and other two FBI agents helping, the connection to William, etc. .. there are no limits … would not have missed … only profits.

Imagine a best seller published in several languages ​​and in several countries by December this year … there would be no problem if the time after December 21 Fox decides to make a movie that would be based on book as they have done with other novels like The DaVinci Code.

The 20th Century Fox would earn royalties from book sales and you also for its implementation and those that somehow we have followed the series also would win … for you would be something new .. a new challenge … for a business where 20th Century Fox would lose nothingand also a new form of business for television networks and fans would be something so great because not only would a dream come true to see XF3 but also would be a way to make them see the networks producing TV shows we deserve respect … There is not possible that they filmed so many series and canceled without putting an end … so it would be a way they could do it without missing …with a book… is good business and there is only win-win! (If this idea works please don’t forget me … heh, heh, heh.)

Why not do it …

Best regards,