“XF3” or More TV?

Hello Frank,

Re Michael and the suggestion of more television of The X-Files, I would like to see another film (XF3) more than television. The X-Files: I Want to Believe was a “sweet spot” I think because it was almost a very good television episode but in a film format so it was even better — in my own view. Actually the 2nd X-Files film was more liked by me than the first Fight the Future because I feel that first film tried to be too much for too many viewers and it “bit off more than it could chew,” as people say.

So I would love to see more films like I Want to Believe that are like the television episodes on steroids. Guest stars like Billy Connolly are highly regarded! He is a great actor and he was really good in IWTB so great actors like that can seriously make people interested in more X-Files films. But if the choices are only more episodes on television or nothing (no films) then I agree with Michael that more television episodes would be great to see.

Away from X-Files I am eager to see your new television show, it sounds very much like the sort of things I enjoy most so it will be great when it comes on. Thank you for talking to me.

All the best.