Zygmunt Bauman

Dear Frank!

The other day I was reading a book about Zygmunt Bauman and somehow some of it instantly made me think of Mulder and his (or their?) quest. Thought I’d share parts of it with you. Maybe something of the Mulder’s Fight the Future rooftop-monologue /Scully’s “Not in a comfortable bed with the devil outside” kind.

Also I wanted to say thanks for sharing these two videos recently (your Hunted interview and Ken Burns on “story“).

So excited for Hunted. It sounds great and I hope you and the team get to spend as much time (seasons?) with the characters and storylines as you wish to “knock on wood.”

Best regards,


“Sociology shows that things could be different than this; that where we preceive only necessity there is the chance of possibility. The aim is to dissolve the world that would otherwise be seen as natural and inevitable.

“Fate is blind because indiscriminate and unchoosing. Vocation can only be chosen. The problem… is how to reforge fate (which we can do little or nothing about) into destiny (which is our choice and our responsibility).

“Yet Bauman is quite sure that if the displaced do not chose the vocation, then they are allowing themselves to be whatever it is that power and the powerful have ordained, and therefore they are allowing themselves to be reduced to a status of being something other than human; they are allowing themselves to be the objects rather than the subjects of relationships.”