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Harsh Realm

Season 1

Three Percenters
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Episode 6 - Three Percenters

On a mission to recover supplies from a lost squad of Santiago's soldiers, Hobbes falls captive to "three percenters," a community of human "errors" who possess a deadly secret.

Aired: April 28, 2000
Writer: Frank Spotnitz
Director: Dan Sackheim

Production Notes

Another instance of my morbid fascination with cannibalism. First, I invented the chicken-processing community of cannibals for "Our Town" in season two of "The X-Files." Then came this effort, in which an error in the Harsh Realm game code created a group of cannibals who replace their victims with digital copies. Both episodes play on another favorite fear of mine - the paranoia of entering a strange community with a secret. (It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite movies is "Bad Day at Black Rock.")