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Night Stalker is a television series that ran for six weeks in the Fall of 2005 on the ABC network. The series starred Stuart Townsend as Carl Kolchak, an investigative reporter whose wife was murdered. Kolchak spends his time investigating other strange murders, believing they are linked in some way to his wife's murder. He is helped along the way by fellow crime reporter Perri Reed (Gabrielle Union), photographer Jain McManus (Eric Jungmann) and editor Anthony Vincenzo (Cotter Smith).

Night Stalker was based on the 1972 TV movie, "The Night Stalker," starring Darren McGavin.

Series Origins

Cast and Crew





Season 1

Episode No. Episode Name Original Air Date
101 Pilot September 29, 2005
102 The Five People You Meet In Hell October 6, 2005
103 Three October 13, 2005
104 Burning Man October 20, 2005
105 Malum October 27, 2005
106 The Source October 10, 2005
107 The Sea
108 Timeless
109 What's the Frequency, Kolchak
110 Ascendant
111 The M Word
112 Into Night