Night Stalker - The Source

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Episode Number: 106

Original Air Date: November 10, 1995


In the first of a two-part episode, Kolchak receives a call from a mysterious "Source", saying he can give Kolchak the answers to his wife's death, but four sinister, shotgun-toting Bikers foil Kolchak's efforts.



  • Steve Shill

Guest Stars

  • Manny Perez (Victor Caleca)
  • Steven Saucedo (Biker No. 4)
  • Tony Swift (Biker No. 3)
  • Brett Wagner (Biker No. 2)
  • John Pyper-Ferguson (Agent Bernie Fain)
  • Peter Mark Vasquez (Grim-Faced Man)
  • Esther K. Chae (Dae)
  • Charles Chun (Seung)
  • Pat Skipper (Agent Richard Walton)
  • Loreni Delgado (Edhead)
  • Kevin Thomas (Biker No. 1)