Robbery Homicide Division

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Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) was an American police procedural television series on CBS, created by Barry Schindel with Executive Producer Michael Mann and Frank Spotnitz.

The show took a look at the present-day Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery Homicide Division. Lt. Sam Cole is the chief detective of a squad that is dedicated to solving some of the worst crimes the city has to offer.

Cast and Crew




Episode No. Episode Name Original Air Date
1x01 A Life of Its Own September 27, 2002
1x02 Mini-Mall October 4, 2002
1x03 2028 (a.k.a. Internet Sex) October 11, 2002
1x04 Free and Clear October 18, 2002
1x05 Alton Davis Redux October 25, 2002
1x06 In/Famous November 1, 2002
1x07 City of Strivers November 8, 2002
1x08 Wild Ride November 15, 2002
1x09 Life Is Dust November 30, 2002
1x10 Had December 7, 2002
1x10 Hellbound Train