Crossing Lines, Series 3

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The time is now.

Fast-paced crime drama Crossing Lines is centred around a special crime charter of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Functioning as a European FBI, the unit investigates serialised crimes that cross European borders, hunting down international criminals and bringing them to justice.

Six months after the heart-stopping conclusion of Season 2, in which the cross-border unit's leader, Louis Daniel, was killed, Season 3 sees Michel Dorn (Sutherland) reactivating the ICC team to investigate the kidnapping of one of his top prosecutors. Marco Constante (Visnjic), Carine Strand (Mitchell), Luke Wilkinson (Martin) and Ellie Delfont-Bogard (Battrick) comprise the new ICC team members, joining Sebastian Berger (Wlaschiha) and Arabela Seeger (Rossi).

With a reunited team of underdogs struggling to re-establish their battered identity, the third season of this gut-wrenching drama is its most ambitious yet.