Harsh Realm

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The ultimate mind game

Harsh Realm is a virtual reality game, created by the US Army as a training simulator.

On the eve of his retirement, Lieutenant Tom Hobbes (Bairstow) is called up for one last assignment in Harsh Realm – a nuclear device has been detonated in the program’s version of New York, killing four million people. Hobbes’ mission is to kill General Omar Santiago (O’Quinn), the highest scorer in Harsh Realm. A US Army Sergeant Major in the real world, he has proclaimed himself leader in the simulated world.

As Hobbes strives to topple Santiago, he meets fellow soldiers sent into the game and alternate versions of people he knows in the real world. But what Hobbes doesn’t know is that he is merely the latest in a long line of soldiers sent to assassinate the would-be dictator — and escape is impossible.