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The only way to escape the past is to confront it.

Hunted is a spy thriller, set in the new, emerging world of private espionage. At the heart of it is Sam Hunter (George), the best operative at Byzantium.

Hungry for a mental and physical challenge, Sam (George) is driven neither by money nor ideology, but rather the need to escape and the perverse thrill of knowing she could be killed at any moment. However when she barely survives an attack on her life on a mission in Morocco, Sam disappears.

A year later, Sam is summoned back to work by her boss at Byzantium, Rupert Keel (Dillane). Sam returns with the objective of discovering who tried to kill her. She surmises that it was a member of Byzantium but doesn’t know who. Prime suspect is Aidan Marsh (Rayner), a colleague and former lover.

Whilst trying to figure out who wants her dead, Sam is sent to work undercover as a nanny at the house of Jack Turner (Malahide), an ex-criminal, turned multi-millionaire.

Sam’s investigations suck her deeper into a dangerous world, where corporations control governments and nobody can be trusted. The line between good and evil has been blurred and nothing is ever as it appears.

It is only when Sam is forced to look into her past that she begins to piece together the mystery of who is trying to kill her and why.