The Indian Detective

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The Indian Detective follows Doug D’Mello a charming, smart, ambitious Toronto cop of Indian heritage, whose dreams of become a homicide detective are put on hold when he is unjustly suspended. While on leave, D’Mello visits his dad in Mumbai, where he gets embroiled in a local case and pursues an impressive beautiful attorney. As a dangerous investigation unfolds, D’Mello must also grapple with culture shock in a country where, despite his heritage, he is an outsider.

Raised in Toronto by his immigrant Indian parents, homicide detective D’Mello is an expert in human behavior, able to ascertain motives and truths with seemingly harmless questions. However, his position leaves him unchallenged, so when the opportunity arises for him to assist a murder investigation in Mumbai, he jumps at the chance.

Doug arrives with his own preconceived ideas and quickly learns that India is a place of contradictions, wild extremes and complex social issues, but also passion, mystery and heart. His charm, wit and resilience help him to achieve a consultant position with the Mumbai police. Doug seizes the chance to stay, reconnect with his father and pursue an impressive and beautiful attorney, who is unlike any woman he has ever known. Unable to resist the vibrant allure of India's culture, the people and places that he encounters soon teach him more about himself than he could ever have imagined.